Let’s Talk About This Offline: Unpacking Banned Books

Unpacking Season One! Let's Talk About This Offline

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Season One is complete! Thank you for listening. We will see you 2021 for all new episodes!Is there something you would like to unpack?  Would like to discuss podcast sponsorship? Email us at letstalkaboutthisoffline@gmail.comOur music is from SoundstripeIntro:    Famous Cats by BitzOutro:  Night Sky by OBOYInstagram    @letstalkabouthisoffline Facebook.    Let’s Talk About This Offline
  1. Unpacking Season One!
  2. Unpacking Marriage, Moving and the Foreign Service
  3. The Backpack Part 2: Cairo, Egypt
  4. Unpacking Special Education Abroad with Shelley Hawkes
  5. Unpacking Taking Chances with Confidence

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