4 thoughts on “Card Catalog Review: Dragon Springs Road

    • TheArtDive,
      Thank you for visiting In Search of the End of the Sidewalk! I bought a typewriter expressly to make these cards, as I love the old-school library feel to them. (Also, I kinda’ love typewriters in general!) I write the reviews in a Word document so that I can make sure I have the word count write and then I type them up on the cards for publication.


  1. I really like the unique take on your reviews that is sort of forced upon by the small space on the cards. Great review!


    • Thank you! It has really been a learning curve to figure out how to say what I want about a book in such a short space. (I write the reviews in Word first so that I can tinker with the wording before putting them down on the cards. Word is much more forgiving than the typewriter!

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