7 thoughts on “Card Catalog Review: The Radium Girls

      • Absolutely, I visit my library at least once a week- usually with my kiddo in tow. I’ve thought about buying a type writer and looked often at the one in antique shops but have yet to make the jump.

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    • I searched thrift stores for awhile before buying mine. I found a lot that were either pretty but not fully functional or were in working condition but ugly! I ended up getting this one on eBay, which really surprised me. Even with shipping, it was a better deal than what I was finding locally. Because we move every couple of years due to our jobs, it hasn’t happened yet, but I do really want to start a collection of old (pretty!) typewriters and I desperately want a beautiful wooden card catalog chest to use as a piece of furniture. Someday…

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      • Ah that would be so fantastic! I fully understand the moving part. Growing up my family moved nesrly every year and my husband and I continued that tradition until this last year when we finally bought our first home and will settle there for some time, we hope!


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