2 thoughts on “Card Catalog Review: Love Warrior

  1. I thought I recognized this name. She recently posted (this week I believe) about her new relationship with soccer star Abby Wombach. Seems as if her life will continue to provide things to write about. By the way…very much loving the new book review style. Hope the typewriter is treating you well!


  2. Yes! This is the same woman. I had never read her blog, so was surprised to then see her in the news just a week after reading her book. Strange how you notice things once they are on your mind. (It’s like how when you are car shopping and suddenly you notice every make and model on the road or when you are pregnant and notice all the other pregnant ladies. 🙂 )

    Thanks! I am also liking the new format, but struggling to find a way to better advertise/grow my readership. I do love plunking away on my typewriter…I am sure my neighbors love it too!!!


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