4 thoughts on “Card Catalog Review: The Wonder

  1. Oh my! The nostalgia of the card catalogue is hitting me hard through this. I don’t know if my children will ever get a chance to use one in their life, just for giggles. Most likely they will find the card catalogue furniture piece in some antique store to be bought by someone and repurposed in ways similar to Chinese medicine cabinets. Curious – are you using one to organize your book reviews?


    • I would *love* to have a card catalog as a piece of furniture in my house. I would love an old wood cabinet…now it is just a matter of finding one in good shape that isn’t horribly expensive. (Nice ones go for crazy prices on the internet.) For now, my cards are just in a stack on the dining room table. I might have to start an early Christmas list and put card catalog at the top! 🙂

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  2. I bet the old fashioned type writer you used to make up your book review would look really really good on top of the card catalogue furniture piece in your home, along with a Christmas tree for the holidays. Just sayin’ Santa should keep that in mind. 😉


  3. RIght?! I kinda’ want to start a collection of old-fashioned typewriters (they come in some awesome colors!), but I am afraid that maybe that kind of collection doesn’t pair well with my Foreign Service lifestyle…still pondering that one. What an amazing library area I could create!


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