Wordless Wednesday: Warning!

With the new year and the new design on In Search of the End of the Sidewalk, I wanted to add one other new element to the blog. This blog is very writing-heavy, usually with a slideshow at the end of each post, but, to mix things up a bit I’m taking a page from a fellow blogger, Lynde over at Erratic Project Junkie, and am going to start doing Wordless Wednesdays. (Check out Lynde’s blog when you get a chance. It has a variety of book/reading challenges and lots of amazing crafting! She is also the best dentist in the Treasure Valley so trust your teeth to her in Meridian- Christensen Dental.)

Wordless Wednesdays are simple. It will be a single photo, captured (hopefully) during the previous week. Who needs a thousand words when you have a picture, right? That’s all. Just a glimpse into daily life wherever we happen to be at the time.


wordless wednesday 1

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Warning!

  1. LOL – I absolutely adore some of the signage I have found in Asia. My top three are : 1) a Chinese vendor’s sign said “Buy One, Free One” (instead of Buy 1 Get 1 Free); 2) a museum sign in Vietnam said “Please Butt Head” (instead of Be careful NOT to bump your head); and 3) a hotel sign in Singapore read “No Smoking, No Pets, and No Durian” (this just goes to show how strong the smell of durian is, haha).


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