Discovering a New Edge of the World (and Hopefully a Bit of Sunshine)

As I get ready to take a few weeks off from blogging and go visit a new edge of the world (Hawaii, this time), I’ll leave you with just a few words from the ever-brilliant Mr. Silverstein, as well as a meme that perfectly describes my upcoming vacation.
Once I’ve peered over this new ledge, I’ll be back, nursing a sunburn and hopefully full of great tales to tell. (Notice I assume the sunburn is happening. It just is. Its’ fine. I’ve come to terms with it.)
The Edge of the World 
by Shel Silverstein
Columbus said the world is round? Don’t you believe a word of that.
For I’ve been down to the edge of the world,
Sat on the edge where the wild wind whirled,
Peeked over the ledge where the blue smoke curls,
And I can tell you, boys and girls, 
The world is FLAT!

all the skin

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