Gong Bao and Ji Ding Wish You a Very Merry Independence Day

As a loyal reader of this blog, I am sure you remember when I added two tiny turtles to the Ross family during an outing to People’s Park last fall . (Click here to jog your memory.)  And of course, I am sure you also reflect back (with great delight, of course!) on their move to a new home right before Chinese New Year. (Click here for that fabulous tale.)

Well, those little turtles are quickly growing and seem to flourish in their new home- to the extent that they now send me greeting cards!

On Wednesday morning, as I sat at my desk trying to organize the list of overdue 4th of July party RSVPs that were piling up in my inbox, I came upon a different type of email- one from Gong Bao and Ji Ding’s new caretaker. As I head out the door to host our community Independence Day pool/pizza party, I’d just like to share this holiday greeting with you.


hi there

2 thoughts on “Gong Bao and Ji Ding Wish You a Very Merry Independence Day

    • Nicole,

      They are super cute! You can get these little guys at almost all of the public parks in Chengdu. I’m such a sucker for cute little critters, it takes everything in me not to buy more each time I go!


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