Our FS Timeline

June 2009– Thad takes the FSOT(Foreign Service Officers Test.)  This is the day before we embark on a trip to visit our former Peace Corps home in Gansu,China, as well as a vacation through Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.  As you can guess, there was a LOT of email checking as the results date came nearer and nearer.

July 2009–  While on vacation in Laos Thad gets confirmation that he passed the FSOT!

September 2009– Thad submits his QEP (personal narratives) to the State Department.
October 2009– Thad gets an invitation to an Oral Assessment in Washington DC.
February 2010– Thad flies to Washington DC for his Oral Assessment.  I spend the afternoon on pins and needles waiting for results!  HE PASSES!!
Spring-Summer  2010– Clearance check (for Thad) and medical checks (both of us) are passed.

Winter 2011– Thad passes his Critical Needs Language test (Mandarin) and gains extra points for his placement on the register.  He jumps to the top 20!

Spring 2011– The Federal Government comes to a standstill on budget issues. All future A-100 classes are put on hold.

April 2011- A budget is passed and the May A-100 class is reinstated!  Thad gets an email offering him a spot in the class that starts in a mere month.

May 2011– Thad begins his first day as an officer in the United States Foreign Service

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