Our FS Timeline

June 2009- Thad takes the FSOT(Foreign Service Officers Test.)  This is the day before we embark on a trip to visit our former Peace Corps home in Gansu,China, as well as a vacation through Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.  As you can guess, there was a LOT of email checking as the results date came nearer and nearer.

July 2009-  While on vacation in Laos Thad gets confirmation that he passed the FSOT!

September 2009- Thad submits his QEP (personal narratives) to the State Department.
October 2009- Thad gets an invitation to an Oral Assessment in Washington DC.
February 2010- Thad flies to Washington DC for his Oral Assessment.  I spend the afternoon on pins and needles waiting for results!  HE PASSES!!
Spring-Summer  2010- Clearance check (for Thad) and medical checks (both of us) are passed.

Winter 2011- Thad passes his Critical Needs Language test (Mandarin) and gains extra points for his placement on the register.  He jumps to the top 20!

Spring 2011- The Federal Government comes to a standstill on budget issues. All future A-100 classes are put on hold.

April 2011- A budget is passed and the May A-100 class is reinstated!  Thad gets an email offering him a spot in the class that starts in a mere month.

May 2011- Thad begins his first day as an officer in the United States Foreign Service

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